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Area of expertise: performing various Hindu religious poojas, Yagnas, temple Kumbhabhishekam, teaching Vedas, Veda-parayanam, shanthi path

We offer all puja/vedic services according to your personal needs and requirments at your preferred venue.

Acharya Shri, offering these services are well known for performing authentic rituals. Also brief the meaning of the rituals and why they are being performed in a specific manner.

By following the vedic dharma principles we perform yagna, havan, pujas, vratas, rituals and sanskaras etc.,, You can acquire divine peace, happiness, health, wealth, devotional and spritual experience, knowledge and prosperity.

Note: For any special requirements for services for puja/ritual/cermony/yagna needs for other than listed, please call/email us for details

Samskar (rituals) Services
:- Garbhadana
:- Punsavana
:- Seemanthana
:- Namakarna
:- Annaprashana
:- Mundan(Hair offering)
:- Karnavedh (ear piercing)
:- Vidhyaramba
:- Upanayana
:- Vivaha (marriage)
:- Grahapravesh(house warming)
:- Shashtiaptha purthi(60th birthday)
:- Punyavachanam
:- SadhaAbishekam(80th birthday)
:- Vinayaka vratham
:- VaraMahalakshmi vratham
:- Satyanarayana vratham
:- Kedareshwara vratham
:- SanthoshiMaa vratham
:- Lakshmi Narayana vratham
:- Mangala gowri vratham
:- Pradosha vratham
:- Shankashtahara vratham

:- Ganapathi homam
:- Navagragha homam
:- Rudra homam
:- Ayusha homam
:- Shanthi homam
:- Sudarshana homam
:- Lakshmi homam
:- Maha Mruthyunjaya homam
:- Chandi homa

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