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Satyanarayan katha

Satyanarayan katha

Shree Satyanarayan katha :- Shree Satyanarayan poojan is performed by Hindus before or on any major occasion like Marriage, House warming , birthday etc. According to Skandha puran this pooja can also be performed on any day for any reason.

Sh. Satyanarayan Puja is usually done on the Purnima (the day of the full moon) or on Sakranti. It is also done on any day or any special occasions and during times of achievements as an offering of gratitude to the Lord Satyanarayan.

Among the kathas that are prevalent in India, ‘Shri Satyanarayan Vrat Katha’ is the most popular.Satyanarayana vrat is the easiest and most inexpensive way of self-purification and self-surrender at the lotus feet of Hari. One who observes it with full devotion and faith is sure to attain his heart’s desire. Our shastras state that during the ‘Kalyug,’ the fruit that one gets by hearing the ‘Satyanarayan Katha’ is enormous. The katha is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his manifestation as Lord Satyanarayan. ‘Satya’ means truth, ‘Nar’ means a man and ‘Ayan’ means a place. Thus the place where truth resides in man is called Satyanarayan. The ‘Satyanarayan katha’ and the ‘vrat’ help us overcome vices like lust, anger, greed, attachments and ego.

For those who observe the fast religiously and regularly, there are some great lessons to be learned from “Shree Satyanarayan katha”

Lessons from Shree Satyanarayan katha

# This is shown by characters who ignored their promise to perform the  puja after their wish had been fulfilled. They suffered as a result.

# Therefore one is to deduce that one must stick to the promise given to the Lord in exchange of the desire fulfilled by His Grace. One is not to ignore or/and forget the Lord’s Grace.

# Prasad is symbolic of God’s Grace which Kalavati ignored as she learned of her husband’s safe return.

# One can understand her eagerness in wanting to be re-united with her beloved, but one must understand that if one forgets to be thankful for gifts received from the Lord, one would have to go through another test until one remembers to remember.

# When the rich merchant is asked what the boat contains, he untruthfully replies ‘Only dry leaves’ and the Mendicant says ‘So be it’ The above incident tells us that the spoken word has power. What you speak, manifests. Hence one must not speak an untruth. Especially an inauspicious untruth.

# In the last story one learns that no one is higher or lower in status in the eyes of the Lord. Hence one must accord respect to whoever it may be, who is taking the name of God.

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