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Namkaran Ceremony

Namkaran Ceremony

namkaran Namkaran Ceremony :- Namkaran ceremony is the first real ceremony held for the newborn child. It is usually held on the 11th day of the child’s birth, though, according to one convention, it can be held on any day after the tenth day. Some wait for 43 days or some for 21 days. The first ten days after birth are consider an ‘impure’ time for the mother and child. On the twelfth day, the mother and child are given a ritual bath.

The Hindu Priest offers prayers to all the Gods and to Agni dev, the God of fire and the purifying factor, the elements, and the spirits of the forefathers, and entreats them to bless and protect the child. He also places the sheet on which the child’s horoscope is written, in front of the image of the deity, for its blessings.


Always select your Baby’s Name on Birth Rashi or Nakshatra
According to Hindu religious it is advisable to keep baby’s name according to moon sign (Hindu Rashi). It is believed that if you keep name on different Rashi other than original birth sign than your baby may face problems from both signs. Your baby’s birth Rashi can decide by position of planets at the time and date of birth. In almost all Hindu communities people always insist to select their baby’s name based on their Hindu birth Rashi.

Many people believe in astrology therefore, they select name of their baby by taking advice from their family Astrologer / Priest. They sometimes keep name based on the Nakshatra name, the name of the deity of the month, and god’s name of their family.

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