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Mundan Pooja

Mundan :- Mundan sanskar is the very first ceremony for kid and an important celebration for the Hindu communities. It is considered as purification ceremony. It performes on 1st or 3rd year of a child’s life. The first hairstyle is an essential ritual and it is regarded that cutting the hair eliminates previous life negativity of the kid.Some believe that a Mundan bestows a durability, a better upcoming and also helps to protect the kid from the wicked eye. In some areas, the hair on a newborn baby head is regarded as impure and Mundan ceremony is the solution for making kid pure

Where can I perform the Mundan for my baby ?

Every family has its own traditions for performing the Mundan. Some perform it at home inviting the Hindu priest and relatives to bless the child. Others may ask the barber to come home after their priest gives them an auspicious time. These days, many choose to take their children to a salon or beauty parlour. Many salons offer special Mundan haircuts. Some families take their child to a holy place such as a temple, for the first haircut. Others may go to the banks of a holy river like the Ganga.
Mundan Vidhi :- Mundan puja vidhi is to be conducted after consulting with Hindu Priest. Take bath before pooja, clean the house and pooja place . Parents of the kid also wear dress which is suitable for pooja e.g. kurta Paijama, dhoti kurta etc, kid’s mother also wear sari or dress according to choice and suitability for pooja.

How Baby mundan performed :- A Hawan is performed by a Hindu Priest. On this ceremony people who came in ceremony bring cloths for the child as gift. After ending pooja prashad is distributed to all the members. The mother sits with the kid in her lap and face the holy fireplace. Hindu Priest removes the part of hairs from the child head by chanting mantras. After that barber shaves off the rest of the hair. Then head is washed with Gangajal. The shaved off hair is offered to River. Hindu Priest Acharya Shri Performs Mundan Ceremony.

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