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Griha Pravesh

griha-pravesh Griha Pravesh :- Griha Pravesh or House Warming ceremony is performed on the day when you start living into your new house. This is a very important occasion for any family. To start living, the entry into the new house on this auspicious day is termed as the Griha Pravesh ritual.

This ceremony aims to appease the Gods and planets so that the owner of the house is blessed with good fortune. On the day of the ceremony, house is cleaned and decorated with a garland of mango leaves, hung across the main doorway as a protective barrier against evil. Both the mango and the banana tree are considered auspicious, since they are symbols of fertility and prosperity. It is laid down in the scriptures that the Griha Pravesh ceremony should take place at an auspicious  time & date i.e. Muhurat with consulting Hindu Priest.

Before entering the house, a ceremony called Dehli (Entrance ) Poojan  is performed. The copper pot is taken inside the house by the husband and wife to a place where havan and various poojas take place. This also begins with Ganesh puja, to remove all obstacles, Pooja of Kumbh (Kalash), Pooja of lamp, Pooja of the Kul devta, pooja of four directions, Navagrha Pooja, showering (abhishek) of the couple with water, Lakshmi pooja and Homa are all done.

Griha Pravesh (i.e. first entry into the newly built house) is a very important aspect of Vaastu-Shastra and it has to be dealt accordingly. After the house is complete in all respects, living in that house is to be started at some auspicious moment determined on astrological considerations. The first entry in the house at the auspicious moment is called Griha Pravesh ceremony. Three types of Griha Pravesh have been mentioned in our ancient scriptures –

(1) Apoorva – First entry to live in house newly constructed on a newly selected land is called Apoorva (new) Griha Pravesh.

(2) Sapoorva – Entry into an already existing house to live in it after traveling abroad or migration elsewhere, is called Sapoorva Griha Pravesh.

(3) Dwandwah – Entry into a house to live in it after reconstruction / renovation of the house damaged by fire, flood waters, electricity, wind etc. is termed as Dwandwah (or old) Griha Pravesh.

Scriptures have described the procedures of Griha Pravesh at auspicious time (muhurat) and purity (defect less) of Panchang. For Apoorva Graha Pravesh perfect auspicious time should be adhered to and for Graha Pravesh in a reconstructed house or after migration , the purity of Panchang should be given due consideration.

If the doors of a house are not fitted with shutters, or the roof is not covered, or the gods of Vaastu have not been worshipped and offered sacrifices, and if the priests etc. have not been offered feast then first entry into such house (Griha Pravesh) should not be accomplished till the above things are completed, otherwise living in that house will be full of troubles and miseries. Therefore living in a house should be started only after offering sacrifices and worshipping Vastu Gods as per procedure given in scriptures.

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