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Graha Dosha


Modern days, people suffer and undergo so many problem, difficulty, sorrow etc. The astrology tries to remove the same. The astrologer with such great responsibility on his shoulders reads the horoscope by examining and analyzing the 12 Rasi’s on minute degree basis and arrives at graha doshas responsible for creation of all the problems in life. Then he suggests remedial measures according to the strength of Doshas.The remedial measures normally comprises of worship of gods, goddess, recitation of mantras, slokas, prayers, poojas, performing yagnas, doing charities etc, Most of the remedial measures like slokas, poojas, mantras etc are the gifts of saints, sages and mahapurush for the welfare of the humanity.

In the light of the above, the main purpose of this article is to throw light on how the remedial mantras, slokas are getting power and how do they derive strength…

Griha Doshas:
Graha dosha arise because of our sinful actions (Pap Karya). The sinful actions can be distinguished as under:

Mind and Speech
It refers to those actions like lying, back-biting, talking ill about other, splitting the couples, hurting the mother and father by
talking bad words, bad thoughts in mind, abusing the god, abusing the saints and sages, talking ill about women etc.,

It refers harming those living beings, eating non-veg, adultery, drinks, rape, theft, burglary, robbery, harming temple or temple
property, murder, grabbing of other’s thing etc.,

Barring a few, the ill effects of all other sinful actions can be rectified and overcome by undergoing or doing remedial measures as
suggested by astrologers. But the important point is one shouldn’t commit sinful actions just because suitable remedial measures are there to rectify and overcome the ill effect.

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