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Bhoomi Pooja

Bhoomi Pooja

Five types Fruits total 15,
Kalash Lotta,
Desi Ghee  1/2 Kg,
Naag Nagin Joda,
Lwang Ilachi ,
Jaggrey 1/2 kg,
Dhoop and aggarbati,

Then the following rituals take place.

1. Shatkarma – The persons performing Bhoomi poojan are made to do shatkarma – Pavitrikaran, Aachaman and Prithivi poojan, Svasti Vachan

2. Sankalap – Rice grains, flower petals, water are given in the hands of those performing the ritual. They offer it to the Bhoomi while reciting the shlokas.

3. Ganpati & Devi poojan – The mother goddess is invoked.

4. Bhoomi abhishinchan – To purify the place, pure water or Ganga water is sprinkled with the help of Mango leaves or flowers. Mantras are recited.

5. Manglik dravya Sthapna – after the poojan, auspicious things is put inside the Bhoomi or earth. First the objects with which the earth has to be dug are worshipped by anointing them with roli. Rice grains and flowers are then offered. A small pit is then dug in North/East direction of the land. Auspicious things like turmeric sabut , durba grass, betel nuts, kalava, Naag nagin , dakshina, panch rattan and rice grains are put inside the pit. Auspicious metals like gold and silver can also be put. We facing in North/East direction while performing this ritual.

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