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April 2017 Horoscope


Monthly Horoscope Forecast is based on your Moon Sign. If you do not know your Moon Sign

Aries (Mesha)

The month of April should begin on a positive note for you as the Mars-Mercury combination in Ascendant augments your presence of mind. However, once Sun sojourns into Aries after 14th April, your temperament could be a bit too aggressive and egoistic. Be careful to not make any impulsive decisions in the second half of the month. Earning seems to be on top of the agenda this month but you may want to practice caution when signing any contracts or documents.

Taurus (Vrishabha)

You may be a socialite and love to play the host. And this month, “more the merrier” seems to be the mantra of your life. You would have an active social presence. Planets also afford you with a satisfactory income this month, which you would use extensively to fulfil your desires and get the comforts and luxuries you want. Watch out for wasteful expenses after 15th April though. Your mother and elder brother would become your pillar of strength if you are thinking to launch a startup or start a new project. You may also initiate some career related moves that relate to foreign dealings. These efforts would likely bring positive reward and new income channels.

Gemini (Mithun)

Your energy level is soaring high this month and so is your intellectual ability. You would want to do something novel and innovative this month with your own efforts and hard work. And the best part is that you would find a financial backer to fund your project too. While work would be your priority, you would also take time out for other pursuits such as sports and entertainment.  This month, hard work seems to be the key to success.

Cancer (Kataka)

Cancer, April would bring mixed feelings. Your desires for a luxury living would materialize and you would easily get the comforts you want. This is a positive period with ensured income boost. Naturally, your satisfaction level would be high this month. Exalted Mars has influence over your personality, giving you super high energy and enthusiasm to get things going. But like they say, excess of anything is bad and so seems to be the case with you this month. Skyrocketing energy could also go wayward or create irritation.

Leo (Simha)

You would have lion-like energy and confidence this month. Your approach towards life would be bold and courageous; you are ready to take on the world. But, some confusion could hamper your spirit too. You are a natural socialite and wear your heart on sleeves but this month, better keep your secrets to yourself. This month there could be luring circumstances when you would feel like disclosing confidential information or spilling your guilty pleasures. That’s when you need to be strong, and if you do that, you should do fine this month. This month you would also become curious and would like to dig deep into matters. This is in fact a good time if you are involved in some research or discovery.

Virgo (Kanya)
Cosmic placement has activated your house of social activities so expect a lot of community participation and indulgence with friends this month. You would be popular and admired in your social circle. In fact, you would also want to do something for the society and efforts in this direction would bear fruits. You would take frequent short trips this month and may also travel for spiritual fulfilment. Your father would act as a source of constant support in terms of business activities. Chances of inheritance are also strong at this point

Libra  (Tula)

You would feel at best this month, with high level of confidence and energy to topple enemies and strike down arguments. Facing challenges head on would come naturally to you. All you want is balance now, and would do whatever it takes to maintain it. You want a pleasant life, full of comforts, luxuries & peace, and you won’t mind spending a few extra bucks to get it all. Expect expenses to be on the higher side thus. In the first half of the month, you should stick to your opinions and commitments and not make any changes from your end.


With Mars-Mercury combination having strong influence over your personality, expect to be a lot more confident, active and energetic. You would do well in debates, competitions and have upper hand in arguments. Saturn in your 2nd house of speech is giving you a come-to-the-point attitude and with Martian impulse; no one knows what might come out of your mouth this month. It would be the “truth” nonetheless. “Think before you speak” should be the policy to make the most of this month and utilize energy towards constructive means

Sagittarus  (Dhanu)

Month of April seems to be the time for some reflection and reassessments in life. Saturn is there in your ascendant creating a reclusive vibe around you. You might want to slow down now and look back and see how far you have come. Sun is in the reflective sign Pisces in 4th house of domestic comforts. You may want to shut out the world a little and spend some time alone, reflecting on your life. With Venus involved, it is also a good time for self-care and pampering right in the comfort of your place.


You would take a break from your workaholic self and are ready to put your feet up somewhere far from your home this month. Leisure and entertainment would consume a lot of your time this month. You would like to indulge in your creative hobbies, as a way to express yourself and find release. Domestic front would be full of zip, with siblings playing an active role and making your life more meaningful. Some clashes may also persist at home but things would be mostly soothing. You may also travel for spiritual reason with your family and friends. What you may want from life at this point is ease and peace. You would see that purchasing a home has become a somewhat priority this month. Along these lines, stars also suggest unexpected gain of an ancestral property.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Bold and energetic, you are in it to make the most of what life has to offer. Engagement in sports and physically demanding activities would also offer a release of excessive energy. You will find travelling as a compelling option when it comes to enjoyment and recreation. Spending time with your social circle would prove inspiring and beneficial indeed. You would also enjoy the company of opposite sex a lot during this time. Your desires are high and you want to fulfil them.

Pisces (Meena)
With Sun-Venus combination in your ascendant, this month is going to be about “You”. Your own desires and needs would come at the forefront. You will feel a lot more attractive and confident this month. In fact, others would find your personality magnetic. Time to form new ties and associations! Your communication house is also strong, especially since Mars and later Sun there, giving you a commanding voice. People would follow and listen to you. Just make sure to keep aggression & ego out of the picture. Striking arguments or making decisions out of overconfidence could get you into trouble, especially in the second half of the month.



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