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Annaprasana Ceremony :- After Jatakarma and Namakarma sanskar, Baby Annaprasana is the next ritual in a baby’s life. It is the time to start solid food to your baby. Annaprasana literally means “feeding rice”. It is the beginning of weaning period in your baby’s life. Actually, it is the starting point for your baby to transit from a liquid diet to solid diet. It is usually conducted in the 5th or 7th month for boys and 6th or 8th month for girls. It should be done before baby’s first birthday.

Annaprasana can be done at home or at a temple. In Bihar, Bengal, Andhra it is often done at home. If you want to perform Annaprasana at home, you can perform on a specific day and time after consulting Hindu Priest. It begins with Ganpati Puja and homam – havan  for the welfare of baby and followed by feeding of Prasad “first rice” “Kheer”. After the puja ceremony, following things are placed in a plate in front of the baby.

1. Book.
2. Pen.
3. Fruit/food items.
4. Gold.
5. Money.
7. Some play item.

Then the baby is allowed to pick an object. It is a belief that whatever he/she picks up symbolizes his/her future. The food offer to the baby is rice porridge and it needs simple cooking. Smash cooked rice into paste consistency using milk. First uncle feed the baby, then father and mom and near and dear. Make sure that all just touch the spoon to his/ her mouth. This is the first time your tiny tot is taking solid. Annaprasan ends with Aarti and Parsadam offer to God. Don’t forget to record this memorable day.


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